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Calls manager regional agency
Using C # calls management...
Using VBScript calls display...
In the PB to use OCX control...
Call management devices ActiveX...
Table tennis, ball games, sports management systems, ball games, time charge management, charge management time table tennis, badminton time charge management, charge management arena time, automatic time charges
  Applicable City Billiards, snooker club, snooker City, snooker club, chess, mahjong, tea room, playground and other time charges occasions.
USB PC Caller ID Caller ID for free download manager software, phone calls recording phone calls for free download management software
  Free Caller ID management software, OCX controls (ActiveX), to assist software developers for redevelopment.
Computer drawing, computer lottery machines, lottery machines lighting display
  Programmable control winning the awards, winning number, winning start number, the winning probability; lottery draw, when just press the button, easy to operate.
Lighting controller network controllable electronic switch centralized control of computer-controlled electronic switch switch billiard lighting controller
Computer-controlled switch
Network Controllable

Electronic Switch

  1. Programmable control, control accuracy, easy to install;
  2. You can use high-power load;
  3. Controller, the control channel can be flexibly adjusted;
  4. Suitable for industrial automation, lighting control.


Shopping malls, supermarkets Invoicing Management Restaurants, hotels, Chinese restaurant receipts Restaurant, bar collection Fast-food restaurant, takeaway food reservation fees
Clothing, shoes and hats Store Management Pharmacies (chain) management Kiosks, digital printing management Table (Taiwan) ball charge time
Sauna, foot management Arena, stadium accounting management Resorts Parking time charge management
Web Admin、Employee attendance Appliance repair shop management Barcode (label) Production Printing Travel shop royalty management

Parts Supp_

POS printers, mini printer Barcode Scanners POS till, automatic box Barcode Electronic Scale
POS displays, customer displays Read (write) card devices, magnetic card swipe device Attendance Machine、Card Holder Price machine gun to fight price
Barcode data collector, inventory machine IC Card, ID Card, Magnetic Bar, Code Card Cash register paper, label printing paper (adhesive paper) Print ribbon、Barcode Printer Ribbon
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